The best CSR and Sustainability Jobs Websites on the net, Part 4 of 4

by Shannon Houde

In the final part of our 4-part series on the best CSR, sustainability and non-profit jobs websites, we’re zooming in on the top US, UK and International social enterprise, philanthropy and NGO job sites.

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Let me know if we’ve missed any of your favorite job boards, and I’ll include them too.


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This is the go-to site for NGO jobs, internships and volunteering, listing vacancies in human rights, youth and education (US, UK, International).

Next Billion posts international NGO jobs across a range of sectors and levels, from intern to CEO. There’s no search function, so you have to scroll down (US, UK, International).

Development Aid has an extensive list of NGO and non-profit jobs around the world (US, UK, International).

The Guardian’s Social Enterprise section of its jobs websites lists opportunities from intern to senior level (UK, US, International).

Members share social enterprise roles on this Google Group (US, UK, International)

This site features mainly US-based non-profit and NGO vacancies (US, some International)

This initiative of the Bridgespan Group provides non-profit career matching services (US, International).

One World features jobs and volunteer roles from a host of major international development NGOs and non-profits. They have a searchable map, which is a cool feature (US, UK, International).

This extensive jobs board is devoted to international development roles for a variety of NGOs (US, UK, International).

  • MonthlyDevelopments

This site focuses on international development and non-profit jobs (US and International).


US only:

  • Common Good Careers

Common Good Careers is a recruiter for the non-profit and NGO sector. They list roles on their site.

  • Give to Get Jobs 

Billed as for-profit jobs that give back, this site lists vacancies across social enterprise and corporate social responsibility sectors, but they’re mostly internships/entry level.

This jobs board lists vacancies in US-based non-profits and foundations.

This is a great site for fundraising, administrative, program and executive roles.

A dedicated non-profit jobs site, their board lists a broad range of roles across the sector (US, a handful of UK).

An executive search consultancy with Foundation and philanthropy focused roles.


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