The best Environmental, Climate Change and Energy Jobs Websites on the net, Part 3 of 4

by Shannon Houde

In part 3 of our 4-part series on the best CSR, sustainability and non-profit jobs, we’re looking at the top US, UK and International Environmental, Climate Change and Energy job sites on the net.

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Let me know if I’ve missed any of your favourite job boards, and I’ll include them too.


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Green Dream Jobs – Also known as, this is the preeminent site for sustainability and environment jobs.

Stop Dodo – This is a busy climate, ecology and energy jobs site with a focus on NGOs. Very international.

Guardian Environment jobs – The Guardian is one of the leading newspapers in the UK and their jobs website has separate listings for environment jobs.


Eco Employ – This site lists a good number of environment, climate and energy jobs.

Bright Green – This site lists green jobs, mostly mid and entry-level, and some internships.

Environmental Career – Environmental Career has a broad variety of jobs from across the environmental spectrum (US and International).

Environmental Expert – This site lists jobs in environmental management, water, energy and more (US and International).

Green Jobs – Green Jobs lists a range of environmental and sustainability jobs.

Green Interns – This site is dedicated to internships for the environment and sustainability sectors (US and International).

Treehugger – Treehugger lists a variety of roles within the environmental sector, including web and communications, from senior level to internships.


Greenroles – Greenroles features all types of environment jobs.

Green Jobs UK – Green Jobs UK lists ecology, carbon and renewable energy jobs.

IEMA – The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment’s (IEMA) monthly publication, The Environmentalist, lists a wide range of jobs on its website (UK and some International).

Renewable Energy Jobs – A great site for wind, solar, biofuel and CHP jobs.

Business Green Jobs – Green, environment, renewables and climate change jobs board (mostly UK, some US).

Energy Roles – Unsurprisingly, this site focuses on the energy sector (UK and some International).

Edie – Edie mainly lists environment jobs, and the majority of postings are in green buildings and water sectors.

Ends – This site features a broad selection of environmental roles, from sustainability to ecology to geotech and WASH.

Environment Post – This site lists a wide range of environment and sustainability jobs.

Environment Jobs UK – A busy site with a wide range of vacancies.


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