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The sustainability books you need in your jobseeker’s library, Part 1

There are so many books out there for jobseekers, career changers and ‘what should I do with my life’-ers that it can feel overwhelming! Throw a green, sustainability, social impact, or corporate responsibility lens into the mix, and it’s even tougher. In today’s blog, the theme is ‘What should I do when I want to do everything?’ Below are my reviews of two books for anyone asking this question.

The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook by Jeana Wirtenberg, William G. Russell and David Lipsky

Written by sustainability pros for sustainability pros, the Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook is a brilliant collection of essays by thought leaders on the mechanics of embedding sustainability. In 300+ pages, it seeks to do three key things: increase understanding and awareness of sustainability on conceptual, practical and personal levels, energise and expand commitment to building sustainable enterprises, and provide the tools and techniques needed. And it does just that, taking a realistic and strictly hands-on approach to the challenge of sustainable