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5 Reasons why our online course will point you to Purpose

You asked, we answered: affordable and accessible career coaching has claimed its spot within Walk of Life. Whether you’re changing careers, returning to the workforce, or feeling engulfed in career fog without purpose, here’s why our online course should be at the top of your priority list: We’ve done most of the work for you Get our proprietary toolkit – created after a 20-year career as a recruiter, CR consultant and business strategist, I’ve seen all the mistakes that jobseekers make

Job seeking through the holidays

If you are working on job applications over the holiday break, here are five helpful tips that will help you stay focused and be impactful. Tip #1: A recruiter or hiring manager is only going to look at your CV for an average of 40 seconds. Therefore, being able to identify these 15 words (5 values, 5 traits and 5 skills) and highlight them at the top of your CV/resume gives them a quick snapshot of who you are, how

Myths of CV and resume writing

As a career coach and former HR exec, I know first hand what makes a resume stand out. Equally, I know what makes a hiring manager drop a resume into the ‘No Way’ tray. Many myths are propagated in relation to CVs and resumes. It’s a veritable minefield! In today’s blog, I’m busting some of those myths to help you avoid the common traps and shape your CV into something the hiring manager really wants to see. 1. CV content

Steps to a killer CV

How many times have you started writing a CV or resume before you did a search for your dream job? More than once? Every time? Neither response would surprise me. As a career coach with many years’ experience inside the HR department, I’ve seen the hallmarks of this approach arrive on my desk all too often. Which is why I’m going to give it to you straight and say: “Not so fast!” Before you start writing your resume, there are

What not to do when writing your CV: Me, Me, Me!

Your resume or CV is most definitely not about you. It’s a marketing tool. Therefore, it should be all about the market: appealing to the hiring manager, meeting the company’s needs, using the organization’s language, communicating what your audience wants to hear. A CV that goes into every tiny detail of your career history is absolutely not what a hiring manager wants to read. You have to do the screening work for them. Don’t assume they want to wade through

With a one-page job proposal you’ll be irresistible

The one-page job proposal is clever, compelling strategy to find a way into the companies you are targeting. It puts the responsibility on you to show what you can do for a company in a concise way. Rather than focusing on who you are, what you do and what you need like a traditional CV or résumé does, the one-page job proposal focuses on the company: who they are, what they do and what they need. It’s basically a sales pitch, but one

Get an edge in the sustainability jobs market with your CV’s personal profile

Everyone knows that a compelling CV is vital for effective job seeking. But what will set yours apart from the hundreds of others landing on the HR manager’s desk? Let’s start at the beginning. Your personal profile or statement at the top of your CV is the first place an employer will look for a summary of why you could be a “hot candidate”.  Does yours say something like, “I’m a former project manager with excellent people skills and organisational

Innovative CV/resume options to set yourself apart

I’ve been waiting years for traditional CVs and resumes to be fazed out, and it looks like the first signs of the revolution are here! Think about it – in an age where everything is done online, why is the paper/pdf-based CV still considered standard practice? Making matters worse is the fact that most jobseekers spend days agonising over their CVs just to have them glanced at for 40 seconds by an overwhelmed hiring manager. It’s hard to stand out

Keep cover letters short and sweet

Cover letters are becoming obsolete. We are in the age of Twitter, blogs and text messages. No hiring manager or recruiter has time or attention to droll through dense text populating more than a page. Our communication mediums are all about short and sweet, and cover letters are no exception – one page with lots of white space and short sentences. There are 3 reasons to keep your cover letter short and sweet: Reason 1 – You only get 30