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The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook by Jeana Wirtenberg, William G. Russell and David Lipsky

Written by sustainability pros for sustainability pros, the Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook is a brilliant collection of essays by thought leaders on the mechanics of embedding sustainability. In 300+ pages, it seeks to do three key things: increase understanding and awareness of sustainability on conceptual, practical and personal levels, energise and expand commitment to building sustainable enterprises, and provide the tools and techniques needed. And it does just that, taking a realistic and strictly hands-on approach to the challenge of sustainable

Green Careers for Dummies by Carol McClelland

This exceptionally user-friendly book from the Dummies series will help you navigate your path to a green job, no matter what your starting point. Carol McClelland dissects the green sector with the deft hand of a brain surgeon, lays the component parts out systematically on the operating table and proceeds to offer an encyclopedic analysis of each bit in a friendly, matter of fact style.