Alli O’Connell

Alli was looking to weave her expansive career narrative together to align with a path in corporate philanthropy.


I had all the pieces for an aligned job transition: relevant work-experience, a strong network, and even consistent self-reflection practices.

However, for years I struggled to weave the pieces together into a coherent career narrative that allowed me to pursue my most aligned career.


Once Shannon and I began working together the pieces started falling into place, and quickly!

We identified my target role and market, which I already had an inkling about, but through our sessions, I received the encouragement I needed to really sink into this next iteration.

I landed an interview for my dream job, which was a moment of both celebration and trepidation. Shannon celebrated alongside me and provided crucial coaching for interviewing, helping me feel more confident at each step of the process.

Once I secured my job, Shannon continued to be in my corner, supporting me in negotiation and remote onboarding. Starting a job during lockdown in a new industry with teammates across the country was a whirlwind. Shannon’s onboarding coaching provided me with both actionable tactics and resources to ease remote onboarding. I left each coaching session better able to approach my work with clarity and confidence.


Working with Shannon helped me break through my own barriers and realize that the process of finding the right job can actually feel good!

Shannon is both direct in providing resources, tools, and critical feedback and also deeply reflective and inquisitive. This approach spoke to both of my type A needs to make clear progress, while also aligning deeply with my callings and gifts.


Impact Marketing Manager


Autodesk Foundation



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