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Off The Page: Lead a purpose-driven business and build a career that makes a difference

Build a responsible business and purposeful career whilst delivering profits with experts Shannon Houde and Theodora Lau. The reality of global climate change and the inequality faced by millions of people every day is undeniable, but are we doing enough? Join the purpose economy to drive sustainable societal change and build profits. Whether you want to battle climate change, promote diversity and inclusion, address inequality – or just want to leave things a little better – join Shannon Houde and Theodora Lau on Monday 29th March

Careers Going Forward: How to Build a Career that Makes a Difference in the World

The College of Global Futures at Arizona State University invites you to hear from Shannon Houde, MBA, PCC as part of ASU’s Earth Month series. Join us for this free event! Shannon has mentored and trained 1000+ change leaders over 3000 hours to maximize their personal brands to advance their impact careers. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, the Guardian, GreenBiz, and Triple Pundit and speaks regularly at international conferences including for Kering, GreenBiz, Hitachi, BSR and Net

How to understand the current market and players in the sustainable jobs market

This Career Farm webinar will give you the insider knowledge and trends from hiring managers across the evolving impact sector so you understand the lay of the land in the sustainability market and who the key players are.  In particular the focus will be on: Key resources and top market trends Hiring trends and career change tips The case for the Purpose Economy and People Agenda Inside the Organisation and the Market Opportunity Map Career Tracks

Pitch Your Purpose: Bring your story to life for impact in networking

Net Impact ’19 is just around the corner. Are you ready to show off your networking chops? Join Shannon Houde, a renowned public speaker, MBA professor, recruiter and career coach focused only on the impact sectors, as she imparts all of her market wisdom. “Pitch Your Purpose” – a free online interactive workshop to communicate your life’s meaning – Answering the question – What do you do? Have you fallen into the trap of answering the question “What do you do?”

What’s Hot (and NOT) in the Sustainability Jobs Market

Join Shannon Houde for an exciting online workshop that will unpack the myths and trends of the evolving impact sector careers, and provide you with tangible tools to help you target and focus your strategy for results. Register and you’ll take away: A clear understanding of the evolving sustainability jobs markets Knowledge from top white papers, reports, and thought pieces from the sector The new definition of the Purpose Economy, and what CEOs are saying about it (And, most importantly) Uniquely defined

Mastering the Elevator Pitch and Crafting Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media

When you first meet someone to network, pitch a project, or secure funding, your ability to explain what you do in that first minute is crucial. And in today’s day and age, controlling your image and brand across all social platforms is key to any career success story. Take the time to create a strategic, punchy, and compelling brand language to help you win contracts, build your credibility, and gain support in this webinar! You will come away from this

The Innovators Handbook Summit 2018

Join Shannon for this FREE, online event where she’ll be answering big questions like: What are some of the approaches for innovators to define and follow nontraditional career paths within companies?   What’s the right balance between towing the company line and pushing the envelope that keeps innovators engaged, motivated? The Virtual Summit will be held between 28 November – 8 December 2017, with new video sessions released daily. Final schedule will be sent by email after registration. Sign up and get: Free access to

Aim Your Compass – Navigate Your Career Change & Target Your Dream Job

This workshop will empower you to discover and define your target audience, market, and sector. Using two key tools, Dream Job Targeting and Career Tracks, you will have a chance to map your key criteria into a one-page roadmap, narrowing key elements into categories and then prioritize them. Featuring career change tips and a look into the job application process, this session will also give you a chance to dream, to dig deep inside yourself and find out what makes