4th February 2021 | Networking

Coffee and Connect with Shannon

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The world needs you making an impact more than ever now!

I’ll be live every other Thursday to answer your questions, whether it’s about the market, financial fears, personal branding, job hunting, interview techniques, negotiations, whatever you like.

Since April 2020 we’ve covered topics such as:

  • jobseeking through a pandemic
  • resilience
  • growth mindset
  • career pivots
  • the hidden jobs market
  • elevator pitches
  • being a generalist vs a specialist
  • non-linear careers
  • networking, and so much more!

We’ve been joined by guest speakers sharing a ‘Day in the Life’ such as:

  • Robert ter Kuile, World Wide Director of Environmental Affairs at Amazon
  • Vijay Padmanabhan, Lead, Strategic Response (COVID-19) at Google

Every session also includes time to network with your peers, you’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences, and find out how others are dealing with the same challenges you’re facing.

Finally, every now and again I like to do a little competition so if you’d like some free sessions with me, or other prizes that will help you upgrade your career, make sure you join in and spread the word!

What our attendees think:

“I always look forward to Coffee & Connect and having such rich, dynamic conversations with other impact-driven people. Shannon brings excellent speakers to the table and makes the discussions extremely approachable. My network grows stronger and opportunities to shift into an impact role are more plentiful with every session!”

“Coffee & Connect is an inspiring community of changemakers who not only want to excel in their sustainability and social responsibility careers, but who also genuinely want others to succeed as well. Shannon’s thoughtful discussion topics and questions help us reflect on the impact we want to make and it’s an excellent opportunity to meet and learn from others. These connections have given me hope for my career, and for our world!”






Every other Thursday.

Next session: 4th February 2021

8-9am PT
11-12pm ET
4-5pm GMT


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