22nd September 2022 | Webinar

WEBINAR SERIES #1: Get Focused to Get Results

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It takes hard work to research and understand the role you want, fill in any skills gaps, craft your personal brand story, and prove your worth in interviews. This webinar series will give you the tools and important steps to land your dream job.

get focused to get results

Figure out where you fit into the impact market and get clear on your target audience to land your dream job.

Are you applying to lots of jobs? Are you open to a lot of different roles and sectors? Are you even willing to “take a step back” to get a role with impact? Are you wondering why you aren’t hearing back from applications you think should be a slam dunk?

Well you are not alone. These are common mistakes for job seekers.

In this session we will debunk the myth that casting a wide net will help your chances. We will take you back a step to figure out where you fit into the impact market. You will get clear on your target audience and how to get more selective about where you apply so that you actually increase your chances of getting the interview call.

You will map your key criteria into a one-pager, narrowing key elements down by category and then prioritizing them. The tools in this session – the Dream Job Targeting Tool and the Impact Career Onion – encourage you to make decisions about what is important to you in a pragmatic way so that you can better resonate for hiring managers.

This webinar is part of a 3-part series. If you sign up for all 3 events, we’ll send you a copy of Shannon’s book, Good Work: How to Build a Career That Makes a Difference in the World and enter you into a prize draw to win a FREE 15 minute coaching session. Please complete this form when you’ve signed up for all 3 webinars.


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