17th November 2022 | Webinar

WEBINAR SERIES #3: Interview with Impact

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It takes hard work to research and understand the role you want, fill in any skills gaps, craft your personal brand story, and prove your worth in interviews. This webinar series will give you the tools and important steps to land your dream job.


Prove your worth on the spot and show off your interpersonal skills to answer the “walk me through your resume” question.

You landed the interview! Exciting and rewarding as this is…it is just the start to proving your worth. And this time, in real time, you will have to articulate your key messages to a live audience. How do you show them in person that you’re the one they need for the job?

Competency based interviews are the most common in the market (“tell me about a time that you…”) but getting prepared for them requires a deep dive into your personal stories and proof points and then aligning these to the job description rewrite from Webinar 2.

This session will demonstrate how to prove your worth on the spot and show off your interpersonal skills using our unique My Career Journey tool to answer the challenging, yet simple, question we hear in every first interview, “walk me through your resume.”

This webinar is part of a 3-part series. If you sign up for all 3 events, we’ll send you a copy of Shannon’s book, Good Work: How to Build a Career That Makes a Difference in the World and enter you into a prize draw to win a FREE 15 minute coaching session. Please complete this form when you’ve signed up for all 3 webinars.


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11.00am ET
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