24th - 26th October 2019

Net Impact ’19

Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan

Join Shannon Houde at her 6th Net Impact conference in Detroit, Michigan and gain new connections to emerging and established changemakers in fields like corporate sustainability, social entrepreneurship, impact investing, and more.


During 15-minute One2One coaching sessions with our ICF-certified leadership coach and Net Impact Career Course curator, Shannon Houde, you will have time to get perspective on where you want to take your career and what impact you want to shape.

You could…

  • get strategic about the next steps of your impact career,
  • find creative ways to network and make new connections,
  • discover what is blocking you from achieving the impact you really want.

Please register your interest by emailing sadie@walkoflifecoaching.com.


“It’s all in the team: Can you be a game changer without a game changing team next to you?”
Not everyone is a Game Changer, but everyone can make a game-changing impact!

Friday 25 October, 1.40pm

Want to maximize your leadership potential, the impact you are having within your role and make a sustainable contribution to your team?

Join Shannon Houde, an ICF-certified career coach and our Net Impact Career Course curator, as she shares a cutting-edge tool to help identify Game Changers and the game-changing contributions everyone can make.  As a certified GCologist herself, Shannon is passionate about how this first digital assessment instrument and scientific framework, The GC index®, gives us insights into how to shape scalable change within a team.

Are you a Game Changer, a Strategist, a Polisher, an Implementer or a Playmaker?  Come find out!

You will walk away with:

  • Understanding how you are going to make your best impact, both individually and collectively.
  • A framework to constructively ask the direct questions of yourself and your team.
  • Identifying how each team member will contribute to the team within a ‘safe to fail’ culture.

Companies like Orange, Dyson, Deloitte, Roche and Ericsson have taken leadership teams through the process with great insights and success.  Shannon interviewed The GC index® CEO, Nathan Ott, and a senior client at ARM here.


For more than 25 years, the Net Impact Annual Conference has inspired and informed changemakers and attendees on the most cutting edge and impactful ideas to change the world. This year, with the theme “Outside the Lines” the event will explore examples of transformational change that defy traditional expectations. Leave inspired by what people like you are doing every day to make an impact on the issues that shape our world today and in the future. Read more or register for the conference.


24th - 26th October 2019


Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan