1st June 2020 | Workshop

Virtual Career Workshop: Clarify your Purpose, Amplify your Impact


Imagine if you could get 24 of the world’s leading purpose coaches in one room…

And get their best practical and personal guidance for getting (back) on purpose.

You’d walk away with effective strategies, tools and techniques… You’d learn how to make small, consistent changes to move toward the life you really want… And you’d be able to move forward with clarity and confidence, even in times of uncertainty.

That’s what you’ll get out of the On Purpose 2020 Virtual Summit. And the good news: it’s free to join.

Join On Purpose and Shannon Houde from Walk of Life Coaching for an interactive career workshop aimed at helping you reconnect with your purpose and gain practical tools to go further towards creating a better world for you and others.

Shannon will facilitate and guide attendees on strategies that can be used to articulate and position yourself to rise above the competition.

Shannon will introduce her Dream Job Targeting tool and guide participants through a tool she refers to as the Impact Career Onion to help attendees discover and define their target audience, market, and sector.


1st June 2020