12th December 2018 | Webinar

The Elevator Pitch and Personal Branding in the Age of Social Media


The new secret jobs market insists that you take the time to craft your memorable, original intro now – to save yourself later. Are you ready to bring your career story to life in just 30-seconds? And do you have an online personal brand to corroborate?

Taking the time to create a strategic, punchy and compelling verbal introduction (or elevator pitch) will help you build your credibility and gain support. Having an equally powerful image and brand across all social platforms is key to unlocking your career success story.

Come away from this webinar with:

  •     Three authentic personal marketing messages
  •     A better articulation of who you are and why your work matters
  •     Understanding the relevance of developing a social media presence

You’ll leave prepared to bring your killer Elevator Pitch and Personal Brand to your network.

About Après

Today in the United States, there are more than three million women with college or advanced degrees trying to reenter the workforce. These women are an invaluable source of talent for corporate America—they bring a strong skillset, a proven work record, reliability, life experience, and confidence. Après is a digital recruiting platform connecting women getting back into the workforce & pivoting careers with companies seeking diverse talent. Visit apresgroup.com for more.


12 December 2018
Time 12:00pm EST