25th February 2021 | Workshop

Turning Passion Into Profit: How To Land Your Dream Job


You already know your thing… the one that lights fire in your belly and ignites true determination, but you just haven’t quite landed the role that fits yet.

In this session, corporate responsibility consultant and certified coach, Shannon Houde, will walk you through a step-by-step guide to securing your dream job with a purpose. From building your personal brand and defining your place in the market, to conquering the job hunt and being offered your perfect position, Shannon shares her invaluable insights and reveals her signature cover letter writing hack – the KISS method?

Whether you want to battle climate change, promote diversity and inclusion, work in sustainability – or are simply seeking a role that will leave you feeling lighter at the end of your working day – be sure to join us for this interactive session that will help you turn your passion into action.

Shannon’s new book Good Work is a must read for anyone considering a career change, needing more fulfilment through their work – or simply on the hunt for a job they love. AllBright members get 20% off with ALLBRIGHT20.


25th February 2021