16th April 2019 | Webinar

What’s Hot (and NOT) in the Sustainability Jobs Market


Join Shannon Houde for an exciting online workshop that will unpack the myths and trends of the evolving impact sector careers, and provide you with tangible tools to help you target and focus your strategy for results.

Register and you’ll take away:

  • A clear understanding of the evolving sustainability jobs markets
  • Knowledge from top white papers, reports, and thought pieces from the sector
  • The new definition of the Purpose Economy, and what CEOs are saying about it
  • (And, most importantly) Uniquely defined maps for Dream Job Criteria Targeting and the Job Application Process!

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This event is hosted by Arizona State University School of Sustainability. Read more here.


Tue, April 16, 2019
12.00pm PST
3.00pm EST
8.00pm BST