Want to learn more about what coaching delivers and how it all works? Take a look at some of our FAQs below.


  • Why do I need a career coach?

    Trying to get a new job or make a career change can be time consuming and daunting.

    Our coaching will help you…

    • to be more true to yourself
    • to overcome your fears of change
    • to map out how your passion and purpose can turn into pay
    • to break down the process to bring tangible results

    We do that by:

    • helping you stay on track with an action plan
    • giving you real-time feedback about the market trends and your strategy
    • giving you the inside scoop about what the hiring managers are really thinking
    • asking constructive questions that challenge you to deep dive into who you are and what you want
  • How can I make a career change into the evolving impact sustainability sector?

    This sector is evolving and changing every minute. Keeping up with the terminology alone can be overwhelming – from creating shared value to social enterprise to impact investing to systems thinking and the circular economy.

    We will help you unpack the jobs market and find where you fit into it.

    Leveraging our two recruitment partners (Acre and Weinreb Group) in the UK and the US, and our network of more than 7,000 practitioners, we provide real-time market trends and a hiring manager perspective.

  • Can you help me get an interview?

    Many of our clients have applied to 100s of sustainability roles before seeking our services, but failed to get to the interview stage.

    The important first step is to get clear about your targeting. We will help you first understand your audience, what you are selling, and then align that to what they are buying.

    Otherwise you will look too generic and not convincing in your “story” as you compete against the other 100-300 applicants who do have the relevance and the focus.

  • How can I make a career change into a job where I can make a difference and have purpose?

    Most candidates jump straight into an online job search and writing a CV.  This is a trap!  We will help you work smarter to get more results.

    The process for making a career change can be confusing.  We break it down for you into manageable steps that reflect exactly what the market will expect of you to be competitive.

    We help you to map out your values and what you love doing so that you can be clear on the legacy you want to leave behind and determine what impact looks like for you.

  • Is it true that most jobs are now being placed through networking rather than jobs posted on the web?

    You increase your chances of getting an interview by 60% if you have an internal employee referring you to the hiring manager.  So you can call it relationship building, networking or, simply making new friends. No matter what, you’ve got to get out there and we are here to support you in diving into that unknown. We help you create a 30 second elevator pitch and InMail templates to reach out to your friends and colleagues with clarity and confidence.

  • I’m not good at selling myself. Can you help?

    Not to worry, you are not alone! Most people struggle with having to put themselves out there and sell their skillset. We will guide you with challenging questions designed to help you gain clarity about your audience (so you can be relevant) and to know yourself (so you can be confident). We do this through unique CV achievement statements, a bio and the 30-second elevator pitch.

  • Can making the investment in coaching guarantee me a job?

    We can’t take credit when our amazing clients land their dream jobs – it is all due to their efforts and value! We can, however, share with you the list of where our clients have positioned themselves – roles have ranged from impact investing to international development to corporate sustainability, amongst other tracks.

    Our program focuses on meeting specific coaching objectives that we agree at the outset of our work together such as:

    • Understanding of your target (sustainability/CR/ID/impact) jobs market
    • Clarity and focus of what roles/sectors you will target
    • Confidence in articulating your top 5 skills
    • Writing ‘skills-based accomplishment statements’ for CV
    • Effectiveness of your CV & Cover Letter
    • Ability to present your career story and personal brand verbally

    Coaching is a facilitated and collaborative process and its success depends on how much the coachee commits to turning our proven tools into tangible opportunities.  Once you graduate, it will be up to you to ‘get the job’ and apply the tools as you go out into the market with on-going support from us as needed.

  • Are there any clients you haven’t been able to help?

    We see all of our clients as having the potential to reinvent themselves and to tell a compelling personal story that is relevant to their audience. Everyone is employable!  And anyone can make a career change.

    But you need to be smart about it – it is a matter of matching what the market is buying with what the candidate is selling.  And possibly making an interim step to position you towards the ultimate dream job.


  • What is the difference between Self-Study and One2One Coaching?

    Our Self-Study course includes a 13 step webinar series plus 30 practical tools and resources that you can work through in the comforts of your home at your own pace.

    With our One2One Coaching, you get access to the same Self-Study course webinars and tools + 4 sessions of live and individualized guidance from a professional career coach to work through each tool with you personally and collaboratively.

    Learn more here.

  • How does the Self-Study course work?

    Once you sign up for the Self-Study course you will be able to log into your account and stream each webinar whenever is most convenient for you.

    Our Assignment Checklist will give you a sense of how much time to allocate for each step and for your homework, so you can plan ahead and keep momentum.

  • How does the One2One coaching work?

    In the 4 live coaching sessions we will connect via Zoom and use the share screen functionality to work through the tools in real time. There is 2-3 hours of homework between each session to keep momentum and maximize your time with your coach.

  • How long does the Self-Study course take?

    This is a 13-step process is mapped out on the Assignment Checklist with estimated timings for each step, but can be completed at your own pace.

    We estimate that the webinars will take you up to 3 hours to watch with an additional 12- 16 hours to work through the homework tools. The webinars range in time from 10-20 minutes each.

    We recommend moving through at least one step per week to help keep up your momentum.

  • How long does the One2One Coaching take?

    The 4 coaching sessions are usually completed within 4-6 weeks, but it can vary and is driven by your availability, learning style, and objectives.

  • What if we don’t finish all of the tools during the hours allocated? What if I need more time and help?

    Every client has unique needs and varied ways of working. Our coaching service includes a set amount of hours but if you need more support you can buy more hours on the website.  You may want to add time to cover job application critiques, mock interview preparation, salary negotiation and networking strategies.


  • I don’t live nearby, can we still work together?

    Of course! More than 80% of our One2One coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom using shared screens and video.  By not having to travel to the session, we both save on the carbon footprint and get to be in a comfortable, relaxed environment.  The video option allows us to still see each other, connect and build rapport and trust.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our Self-Study course costs $179 per month over 3 months or $490.

    Our One2One course costs $1364per month over 3 months or $3825.

  • How do I pay?

    Through our secure checkout using Stripe which is integrated directly into our website. This allows you to use a credit card or pay via a payment plan over three months.

  • How do I sign up?
    • Go to the Course page, select your course option and click on ‘Buy Now’.
    • Pay via our secure Stripe checkout.
    • Once payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation email to prompt you to create a membership account.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to create your account and sign in.
    • If you have signed up for One2One coaching, you can also schedule your sessions and fill in our Initial Questionnaire here before you get started.



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