Get focused and get results to land your dream sustainability job

by Shannon Houde

My recent ‘Get Focussed, Get results!’ webinar with Net Impact was all about turning passion and personal criteria into dream jobs through focused mapping, so I was delighted to see such fantastic feedback from the Virtual Attendees.

One Net Impact member said “In the six years I’ve been a member, this is the BEST webinar I have attended”, “This is exactly what I needed in the job search process” claimed another, while a third said “I found tremendous value in this. Again, thank you!”

So what exactly was I doing?


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Let me share it with you.

get focused, Get focused and get results to land your dream sustainability job

This is a ‘First Step’ tool I use with my one-on-one clients to really drill down on their dream job by figuring out where they’ve been on their journey and where they’re going next.

Getting focused early on gets results, because all of the other job search tools we build later on in the process – networking, job searching, cover letter, Linked In profiles, resumes, etc – can be properly targeted and customized.

As you can see, there is a Target Criteria column on the left, and No/Yes/Please columns on the right.

The No column is a placeholder for the things people know they don’t want, a kind of mental parking space. Once the negative aspects are in there, we can ignore them and move on without the risk of them corrupting or challenging the positive aspects.

Then we jump to the most important column – the Yes column – that asks about any prior experience that you want to keep building on. If you’re a career switcher, you can draw from blogs, social media, volunteer, college projects – anything, really, as long as you’re going to be positioning it later on a CV/resume.

E&D is for essential or desired. A lot of you may have many different options and interests in your head and tend to get overwhelmed by all the different tracks you could take that might make you happy, so this column is to help you prioritise.

If you’re interested in trying out this tool yourself, check out the recording below of the Net Impact session. And don’t forget to leave feedback!


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By Shannon Houde


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