Green Careers for Dummies by Carol McClelland

by Shannon Houde

This exceptionally user-friendly book from the Dummies series will help you navigate your path to a green career, no matter what your starting point. Carol McClelland dissects the green sector with the deft hand of a brain surgeon, lays the component parts out  on the operating table and proceeds to offer a systematic analysis of each bit in her friendly, matter of fact style.

The book starts by getting under the skin of the ‘new world of green careers’ and assessing the emerging trends in the sector, before going on in Part 2 to begin to relate it to the reader – exploring how your interests can relate to green topics, how to play to your strengths in seeking a job, and how to set your ‘green career goals’.

Part 3 is where the meat is – over 100 pages of detailed career profiling on seven key themes: jobs caring for the earth, managing natural resources, jobs in alternative energy, careers in rebuilding the infrastructure, working to shape the green economy, inspiring and motivating more sustainable actions, and providing green products and experiences. She’s quite the researcher and offers plenty of information to chew on.

Her approach to Job Search 2.0 techniques and activating your green job search echo strongly with my own approach to career coaching with clients, and involve getting to know the industry, connecting with the green movement, advancing your green education, claiming your competitive advantage, targeting the right companies and finding the right green job for you.

This book is a fantastic resource that you’ll find yourself dipping into again and again in your search for the perfect green job.

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