The Interview Questions You Thought They’d Never Ask and free critique!

by Shannon Houde

I always appreciate engaging and unique job interview questions. Last weekend in the New York Times Mitch Rothschild, CEO of Vitals, revealed some of his. Half the battle is getting the interview. The other half is being able to be yourself, be compelling, be relevant and win their hearts and minds while shaking in your boots with nerves.

Give a go at answering his questions below and send your answers back to me for a free email critique!

1.  Give me a tour of your life.
2.  Tell me three things about how you define yourself?
3.  What am I not going to like about you in the first 90 days?
4.  What do you think you are not going to like about me?
5.  If this interview were reversed and I was coming to your house and you were interviewing me because you had 16 different job offers to choose from, what would you be looking for from me? (to understand the aspirations for the job)
6.  What percentage of your life do you control? (how they feel about the world out there)
7.  Can you force change to happen or will change happen to you? (small company so needs someone with change appetite)


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Photo by Nic McPhee, via Flickr.


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