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Here’s an exciting opportunity to join Anglo American as Anglo American Foundation Manager.

Job Description

The Anglo American Foundation is committed to supporting sustainable development in our host communities and countries, and the mining and metals sector more broadly.  The Foundation is now looking for an effective and seasoned manager with relevant charity sector or philanthropic foundation experience.  The role will report to an executive with responsibility for the Foundation and key activities will include:

  • Providing input and guidance to the Trustees with regards to the strategic direction, objectives and goals of the Foundation, which includes periodic strategic reviews and proposal of changes if required.
  • Overseeing the execution of the Foundation’s strategy, which includes the development of strategic plans and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) approach.
  • Ensuring the composition of the Foundation’s portfolio reflects its strategic objectives and achieves the impact it has set out to achieve.
  • Overseeing the evaluation of funding proposals.
  • Ensuring the establishment of adequate processes and policies to manage the activities of the Foundation, including monitoring and evaluation.
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations as well as relevant Anglo American policies.
  • Preparing materials for the Foundation Board meetings and ensuring that Trustees are in the position to make well-informed decisions.
  • Developing and implementing a communication strategy for the Foundation, in partnership with Anglo American’s communications professionals, and ensuring that the Foundation is reputationally well positioned.
  • Developing and maintaining effective relationships with key external stakeholders (including other Foundations, donors, investors, corporations and implementation partners).


  • Knowledge of, and proven ability to operate at, a senior level in the field of sustainable development.
  • Professional experience and a strong track record in senior management roles in businesses, foundations and/or international development organisations.
  • Experience or knowledge of philanthropy, international development, sustainability, social innovation and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Strong track record in stakeholder engagement and management at senior level.
  • Business acumen and strategic planning experience.
  • Knowledge of the philanthropic sector to ensure compliance with relevant requirements and expectations.
  • Experience of living and working in the Global South (desirable).
  • Experience in the extractive sector (desirable).

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Anglo American Foundation Manager


Thursday 16th September 2021


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