Associate Director, Resilience Finance

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100 Resilient Cities is seeking an Associate Director, Resilience Finance. The role is based in London, England. The Director will work with the Vice President of Resilience Finance to develop the strategy and operations for the newly created Resilience Finance Team based in New York City. The Resilience Finance Team is currently focused on five core functions: (i) providing 100RC member cities with finance-related transaction support and development, (ii) financial sector related partnership management and solution development, (iii) delivering on a financial market influence strategy, (iv) 100RC revenue generation from finance related activities, and (v) knowledge management and dissemination for financial solutions.

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About 100 Resilient Cities

100 Resilient Cities is an organization dedicated to helping cities to be better prepared for and quickly rebound from 21st century stresses. It seeks to increase awareness of the importance of resilience thinking, to catalyze a new community of urban resilience practitioners and spur the growth of an ecosystem of resilience-focused solutions and solution providers. Over the next few years, 100 Resilient Cities will select and work with 100 member cities from around the globe for whom it plans to provide four kinds of value: 1) Financial and other support for putting in place a new city resilience leader, a Chief Resilience Officer; 2) Support for development of a robust resilience strategy; 3) Management of a peer-to-peer network of member cities who can learn from and help each other; and 4) Connections to solutions, service providers, and other partners who can help cities implement resilience strategies. Visit for more information.

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100 Resilient Cities


Associate Director, Resilience Finance


Monday 30th April 2018


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