Cartier for Nature – Communication Manager

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Cartier has an opportunity for you to join Cartier for Nature as Communication Manager.

How Will You Make An Impact

In this role you’ll be responsible for defining, developing and implementing the communication strategy of Cartier for Nature in order to:

  • Build awareness of Cartier for Nature within Cartier and the Richemont Group

In line with Cartier for Nature, the Maison and Richemont’s strategic requirements:

  1. Create relevant content to integrate Cartier for Nature in the internal communication channels and optimize its visibility
  2. Support initiatives that could increase internal understanding of Cartier for Nature’s work
  3. Coordinate Cartier for Nature’s communication with other Cartier departments and entities
  4. Develop and maintain a knowledge-sharing process within Cartier for Nature’s members through dedicated press reviews
  5. Strengthen Cartier for Nature’s public positioning

In line with Cartier for Nature and the Maison strategic requirements and in close collaboration with the Corporate Communication team:

  1. Creatively develop new resources and external communication tools to maintain/increase visibility (web, video, blog, reports, exhibits, etc)
  2. Contribute to setting up Cartier for Nature’s identity as a key player in the environmental field
  3. Support attendance of Cartier for Nature representatives to public events
  4. Nurture Cartier for Nature’s image through partners’ communication
  5. Manage media requests
  6. Produce engaging and accurate communication on Cartier for Nature’s vision, mission, values and work to support the implementation of its strategy and objectives
  7. Develop a deep understanding of Cartier for Nature’s programmatic work and funding approach
  8. Maintain a library system for communication materials and assets (digital, print, photo, video, audio)
  9. Prepare and attend field missions
  10. Represent Cartier for Nature internally or externally, whenever needed
  11. Attend conferences, discussion and or workshops related to Cartier for Nature’s work and its communication needs
  12. Manage the communication budget

How Will You Experience Success With Us

  • You have a Master’s degree in Communication
  • You have 7 years’ experience in Communication in the private and/or not-for-profit sector
  • You possess excellent writing skills, demonstrating persuasion, clarity and accuracy
  • You have experience with producing short films and/or documentary, photography, public campaigns
  • You possess excellent command of communication techniques and tools (media, non-media as well as institutional)
  • You possess excellent knowledge and understanding of nature conservation and environmental priorities
  • You are creative to develop effective concepts to highlight Cartier for Nature’s action
  • You speak English and French, other language an asset
  • You are willing to travel, including to developing countries

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Cartier for Nature – Communication Manager


Saturday 11th June 2022


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