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New Harvest is seeking a Chief Operating Officer.

As Chief Operating Officer, you will work closely with – and report to – Isha Datar, New Harvest’s Executive Director, own all operational aspects of the organization, and manage the New Harvest team.

As Chief Operating Officer, you will be a key cultural shaper, responsible for guiding and reinforcing New Harvest’s culture, which is inclusive & collaborative, interdisciplinary, anchored in mutual respect and integrity, and focused on personal & professional development. We are committed to developing the scientific foundation of cellular agriculture as advocates of science, research, and data.


As Chief Operating Officer, you will…

1)      Partner with the Executive Director to inform organizational strategy.

  • Meet regularly with the Executive Director to review plans and update priorities.
  • Prepare budgets, reports, and other key information for Executive Director, Board, and other partners.
  • Give feedback and input on key deliverables ahead of Board meetings, and funder meetings.
  • Generally support the Executive Director, enabling her to focus on org vision & fundraising.

2)      Translate New Harvest’s strategic plan into organizational performance through effective goal-setting, team management, and accountability.

  • Design & run regular team meetings (staff level, 1:1s, etc) to ensure New Harvest is working as effectively as possible.
  • Ensure all team members are clear about near-term, mid-term, and long-term goals, objectives, and priorities.
  • Develop tracker(s) and other methods of reporting results and KPIs, and make sure that obstacles to progress are addressed quickly.

3)      Act as a champion for New Harvest culture.

  • Develop your own understanding of, and contribution to, cultivating a New Harvest’s distinctive culture, which is inclusive & collaborative, interdisciplinary, anchored in mutual respect and integrity, and focused on personal & professional development.
  • Help the team continually concretize and reinforce New Harvest’s culture, ensuring that it is built into the way the organization operates as the team grows.
  • Note: You can read the New Harvest Employee Handbook, which opens with some comments on organizational culture.

4)      Oversee expansion of New Harvest’s community footprint.

Manage team members’ priorities and execution, such that:

  • New Harvest is able to fund more research programming.
  • New Harvest reaches a wider audience of researchers, operators, investors, and others working in the field with useful content.
  • New Harvest evolves & grows the reach of its engagement programming.
  • New Harvest engages a larger number of volunteers and contributors to our broader work.
  • New Harvest experiments with new formats for engagement and championship of the cell ag space, e.g. creating digital content, hosting

5)      Own New Harvest’s operations.

  • Oversee budgets & finances, legal, compliance & reporting, and other administrative functions as the organization grows.

6)      Build & develop the New Harvest

  • Own hiring & recruiting as the team grows.
  • Invest time and attention in mentoring and developing the New Harvest team.
  • Foster a culture of feedback, growth, and curiosity for the team.


  • You have a core desire to help build the future. Cellular agriculture holds the promise of transforming the food and agriculture landscape – and has major implications for public health, climate change, and the welfare of We need leaders who are inspired on a daily basis to make this a viable future.
  • You have at least 5 years of operating experience and at least 2 years in a leadership role where you have overseen a team and been responsible for setting goals, project & team management, and hitting targets.
  • You have experience working with – or otherwise understand – foundations, family offices, or other philanthropic partners.
  • You have experience in – or otherwise have a working literacy of – the biological sciences relevant to cellular agriculture (biochemistry, cell biology, tissue engineering, etc.)
  • You have a passion for the key “undercurrents” of our work: scientific collaboration, complex systems, striving for impact, and openness in communication.
  • You are able to operate well under ambiguity & uncertainty.
  • You love team building, developing people, and You have experience hiring at least a dozen people for various roles, and you have experienced productive and high- energy work cultures.
  • You are an owner as well as a builder. We’re not just looking for a delegator. We’re looking for someone who wants their fingerprints all over the future trajectory of our organization by rolling up their sleeves, doing the work, thinking strategically, and setting up the processes, infrastructure, and systems to take New Harvest to the next level. This means that you’re constantly shifting altitudes between designing and doing, between strategizing and operating.
  • You are an exceptional listener and are not afraid to speak the truth.

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