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IDEO is seeking an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIRs) to develop and run a new venture that removes barriers to fleet vehicle electrification.

In This Role You Will

  • Take on one venturing concept and make it a reality, making the most of sponsored entrepreneurial freedom and a host of available resources from Orbia and IDEO
  • Spend your first 6 months developing evidence that your concept can be a scalable venture business that advances life around the world and preparing to bring a solution to market.
  • Build prototypes of increasing fidelity to: test and evolve your business model, develop and refine your technology roadmap, and continue to deepen your understanding of user needs
  • Build and present evidence to the Orbia Lighthouse Advisory Board that your venture is worth pursuing beyond the validation phase

To Support You Along Your Journey, You Will

  • Receive experienced support and mentorship through engaged lab leadership, venture board, and business executives, bringing a breadth of startup, investor, and industry experience and guidance
  • Have remote access to the Orbia Lighthouse in-house design team to support research and development so that you can hit the ground running.
  • Be allocated a fixed budget to build, pilot, promote, and launch the venture.
  • Have prioritized support from Koura, the largest global owner of Fluor which is an essential material in Li Ion batteries

Compensation And Benefits

  • This is a full-time, salaried position guaranteed for a minimum of 6 months, with additional funding and runway subject to Orbia venture board approval. The hope and intention is that you will launch and run the venture for 3
  • years into the future.
  • Incentive structures will reward achievements along the journey of building impactful ventures.

We’re Looking For

  • Experience as a founder, product leader, or business development leader in an early stage startup, and a track record of building technology businesses from scratch
  • A broad playbook of startup methodologies, and mastery in using their toolkit from early exploration to finding product/market fit
  • Hands-on builders — you have the ability to hold the product vision and also build the early iterations of the product itself
  • Relevant domain expertise, understanding of customers and products, and a network within your target venturing space
  • Bonus points for experience building any of the following: EV charging services, B2B2C businesses, data processing and aggregation services, or digital applications.

The Successful Candidate Will

  • Be driven by impact, and the belief that the world needs ventures that solve real problems at startup speed
  • Use a founder’s toolkit to be able to embrace ambiguity — we will provide clear goals in the venture process, but how you get there is up to you
  • Have the operating experience to make the most of provided IDEO and Orbia resources
  • Invest in others’ success, collaborating with a community of entrepreneurs building parallel ventures

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CLIENT | Founder of New Venture


Monday 28th September 2020


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