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Walgreens is seeking a Corporate Social Responsibility Data Manager. The role is based in Deerfield, Illinois. The CSR Data Manager is responsible for developing and launching a reporting strategy that prioritizes disclosures and appropriate data contained within the CSR report and other reporting. The candidate will streamline a robust, compliant, and comprehensive CSR reporting process. Act as the key liaison between data owners and finance team for all Corporate Social Responsibility reporting. Create auditable data collection processes and standard operating procedures. Advise on reporting in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Core Option and create a path to reporting in compliance with the Comprehensive Option. Advise on other CSR reporting including but not limited to CDP, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Bloomberg, etc. Provide progress reports to internal CSR Governance Committee and Executive Operating Committee. Manage external data audit process. Responsible for ensuring an efficient and robust data reporting system and process. Identify data analytics capabilities. Improve rankings within CSR disclosures. Build and maintain relationship with investors interested in CSR.

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Founded over a century ago in 1901, we have a rich and colorful history of continuous improvement and innovation at Walgreens. From inventing the world’s first chocolate malted milkshake to the creation of one of the most popular and sophisticated mobile applications in retail shopping today, we have transformed ourselves into a leader within the retail and drug industry. In 2014, that deep history joined together with another long-standing organization, Europe’s Alliance Boots, to create the first global health and well-being retail drug organization – Walgreens Alliance Boots. Through this merger, we have extended our reach to more than 25 countries, employing more than 400,000 people and connected with the iconic beauty brand, No. 7 – thereby catapulting us into the next wave of top beauty trends. Visit for more.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Data Manager


Saturday 23rd June 2018


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