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There is an opportunity at Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative for a Director of Operations. The role is based in Berkeley, California. As the Director of Operations at BERI, you’ll be responsible for (a) the reliable and efficient functioning of finance and internal operations, while (b) maintaining a high degree of inspectability to BERI’s funders, Board of Directors, auditors, accountants, legal counsel, and other interested parties.

BERI’s financial processes touch all of our programs, and it is vital to our operations that such processes are absolutely reliable. We seek someone with the ability to create streamlined and robust common processes that will act as a catalyst to all of BERI’s current programs.

We also want to be sure that our processes are highly transparent. It should be easy for BERI’s various stakeholders to inspect our operations and verify that we are following responsible procedures.

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about berkeley existential risk initiative

BERI is an independent 501(c)(3) public charity. Our mission is to improve human civilization’s long-term prospects for survival and flourishing. Currently, our main strategy is to take on ethical and legal responsibility, as a grant-maker and collaborator, for projects deemed to be important for reducing existential risk. These projects mostly revolve around reducing risk from technologies that may pose significant civilization-scale dangers, as determined by research collaborators who have adopted existential risk reduction as both their primary career ambition and their primary area of intellectual focus. Visit for more.

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Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative


Director of Operations


Wednesday 13th February 2019


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