Director of Sustainability Solutions Research

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There is an opportunity for a Director of Sustainability Solutions Research at Penn State University. The role is based at the University Park Campus. The University aspires to be a leader in research that generates solutions to sustainability challenges. This is a new position and an opportunity for the right individual to catalyze the development of solutions-focused research with faculty from different disciplines in collaboration with businesses, non-profits, governmental organizations, and other interested stakeholders to address sustainability at the campus, local, regional, national, and global scales by leveraging the ongoing research being conducted at Penn State University. This position reports to the Chief Sustainability Officer/ Director of the Sustainability Institute. The Director of Sustainability Solutions Research will: Provide overall leadership, direction, and oversight for solutions-focused transdisciplinary sustainability programs and research activities across the university; Facilitate the development of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research teams around cross-cutting sustainable development themes (e.g. food-energy-water nexus; health, urbanization, and climate change; economic and cultural resiliency strategies) and more.

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Penn State University


Director of Sustainability Solutions Research


Monday 3rd September 2018


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