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JUST Capital is seeking a Director, Survey Research & Insights in New York City. The successful candidate will be able to combine technical rigor, entrepreneurial creativity, and vision. They will have proved their ability to manage all aspects of a complex survey program and be an effective communicator capable of engaging all our stakeholders – from internal colleagues, board members and donors, to the corporations we rank, to the media and other program partners. This person will also demonstrate intellectual curiosity and thought leadership inspired by this unique opportunity to make a difference.

JUST Capital is a small organization staff-wise and operates with a nimble, entrepreneurial mindset. As such, in addition to the key responsibilities, candidates should have professional work approaches, be self-starters and possess well developed organizational skills honed to allow him/her to be effective and resourceful in a fast-paced workplace. Further, adaptability, good colleagueship, working with cross-functional teams to deliver projects on tight deadlines, and internal community building are important attributes of the JUST Capital culture.

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About JUST Capital

JUST Capital is an independent nonprofit that uses markets and data to drive change on the issues Americans care about most – income inequality, job creation, reducing environmental impacts, supporting local communities, and more. Visit for more information.

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JUST Capital


Director, Survey Research & Insights


Monday 3rd June 2019


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