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Job opening for an ESG Ratings Analyst at ISS ESG.

Position Overview

We are seeking an ESG Corporate Ratings Analyst to join our research team in New York City, to support the collection of data and analysis of corporate ESG strategies and performance for the ESG Corporate Rating.
The successful candidate will be part of the U.S. ISS ESG Ratings team, which assesses the environmental and social performance of the world’s most relevant companies, covering a continuously expanding universe of more than 6,300 companies and over 10,000 issuers worldwide. Providing investors with a basis for their investment decisions and companies with a valuable benchmark, the ESG Corporate Rating is an important driver for advancing ESG investments and for improving the ESG performance of companies.

ESG rating analysts conduct research to evaluate a company’s performance in several areas, including working standards and conditions, supply chain management, ESG governance, environmental management, emission and resource consumption data as well as several sector-specific key issues. Their daily tasks include reviewing company documents such as sustainability reports, annual reports and corporate websites, identifying relevant topics and analyzing them based on our proprietary methodology. Analysts engage in qualitative and quantitative analysis, and present their findings in individual rating reports as well as through studies on selected topic- or industry-related sustainability trends.

ESG rating analysts apply a logical and methodical approach to work and pay attention to detail in order to achieve accurate and reliable results. Being able to see the big picture as well as critical thinking are considered key factors for success. After an in-depth training in our methodology and evaluation approach, and gaining sufficient rating experience, ESG rating analysts typically specialize in social or environmental topics, in sectors (e.g. financials, extractives) and/or in markets. Our analysts acquire in-depth insight into the latest developments in ESG and sustainable investment, and are able to answer requests on the rating methodology and specific ESG topics.

As the research team is based in Germany, the United States, the Philippines, Sweden, Australia and the UK, the successful candidate will need to work both independently as well as collaboratively with local colleagues as well as analysts abroad. Working in a dynamic market and international work environment, we put great emphasis on cooperation and offer a welcoming and collegial working atmosphere.


  • Review and analysis of company documents (e.g. sustainability reports, annual reports) to evaluate companies’ ESG performance and strategies
  • Data collection and interpretation as well as justification and documentation of conclusions
  • Presentation of the analysis results and findings in the form of rating reports
  • Support of sales colleagues in explaining our rating methodology and presenting specific ESG topics to clients and prospects


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree (a degree in a relevant field such as environmental science or international human rights is desirable but not required)
  • Excellent English language skills, both written and oral (fluency in languages such as Mandarin or Japanese is a bonus)
  • Advanced communication and presentation skills
  • Strong research and analytical skills
  • Ability to quickly process large amounts of data and information
  • Work experience in the field of sustainable investment as well as knowledge on specific ESG topics/sectors is an advantage
  • Skills in statistical computing and data analytics are an additional asset

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ESG Ratings Analyst


Friday 5th June 2020


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