Head of Marketing and Engagement Strategy for Moody’s ESG and Climate Risk

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Moody’s Corporation is looking for a new Head of Marketing and Engagement Strategy for Moody’s ESG and Climate Risk.


This role will form part of the Moodys ESG&C Risk Solutions leadership team and reports directly into the Global Head of ESG&C for Moodys Corporation. As the Head of Marketing and Engagement this role would be responsible for the internal and external management, coordination and alignment of all marketing, outreach and engagement, customer experience and go-to-market strategies for ESG&C products and streams across Moody’s corporation. The Managing Director position manages, coordinates and drives alignment across a global team that spans Moody’s different businesses, affiliates and relevant functions to ensure impact, profile and successful commercial deployment for Moody’s ESG & Climate risk solutions. This position is responsible for the alignment across product, service and sales for all ESG and climate risk streams including ensuring products meet the desire operational, fulfillment and delivery and strategic objectives of the business. This role will also be responsible for the marketing strategy to achieve internal and external brand recognition for Moody’s as a market leader in ESG & Climate Risk.

This position requires (i) a deep understanding of Financial Institutions including; banks, insurance companies, asset managers and owners, and supra-nationals, corporates and others participating in the global markets where extra-financial performance is considered (ii) extensive knowledge of global capital markets and the ESG and Climate domain (iii) extensive knowledge of the financial and extra-financial information, research, analytics, ratings and risk management arena (iv) in-depth understanding of how to set strategy supported by robust business cases, (v) demonstrated ability to consistently meet product development and delivery timelines on time and on budget, (vi) develop and execute professional go-to market strategies and global customer experience programmes to drive growth of the business across multiple time horizons, products, and services (vii) demonstrated track record in developing and delivering high impact, multi-channel, measurable marketing, lead generation and communication strategies.

  • Responsible for developing and leading on Moody’s ESG&C Marketing and Engagement strategy to achieve business goals
  • Contribute to the Annual Strategic Plan review process, the Product/Business Unit Portfolio review process to ensure Marketing and Engagement strategies alignment
  • Communicate strategies and impact to senior management and key internal stakeholders to obtain buy-in and seamless professional execution
  • Manage the process for identifying and assessing potential distribution channels to support ESG&C Marketing strategy
  • Manage a global team and partner across numerous Moody’s groups and affiliates to deliver business outcomes.
  • Work in partnership with a range of teams to develop and drive consistency of the Moody’s ESG & Climate Risk brand, standards and the messaging to market
  • Oversee and execute a cohesive engagement strategy to develop content distribution strategies for ESG&C through all marketing and distribution channels
  • Liaises with Moody’s business and a range of functional teams to partner on the Development, Design, and delivery of the highest quality and caliber marketing strategy


  • Undergraduate/first-level degree (e.g., Bachelor’s degree) and Graduate/second-level degree (e.g. MBA, Master’s) in finance, marketing or a related field.
  • 20+ years of progressive financial industry experience with 10+ years of marketing/ product strategy experience required and ideally knowledge or experience working with ESG related products and or services
  • Proven track record of product and marketing innovation tied to successful commercial performance
  • Teamwork: Demonstrated ability to work with multiple teams and functions across an organization to deliver on high profile cross-group initiatives, in particular development, sales and operations
  • Strong experience in analysis and implementation of business strategies.
  • Experience building or leading a high performing, multi-disciplinary team spanning multiple geographic locations
  • Must possess initiative and have a customer-centric and service focus
  • Strong communication skills and experience interacting with senior executives (i.e., ED level and above)
  • Evidence of being self-disciplined, highly organized, able to multi-task, and attentive to detail
  • Experience developing strong internal and external relationships (i.e., with clients, vendors, strategic partners, etc.)
  • Experience with the sales and market outreach and delivering customer experience excellence; must be able to work effectively through sales and service organisations
  • Must empower and develop others to be innovative.

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Moody's Corporation


Head of Marketing and Engagement Strategy for Moody’s ESG and Climate Risk


Thursday 23rd July 2020


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