Manager, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting & Transparency

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Visa is seeking a Manager, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting & Transparency. The role is based in San Francisco, California. The Manager, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting and Transparency, will be responsible for helping ensure Visa is positioned for and responsive to the growing expectations among internal and external stakeholders for transparent reporting on our environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. In conjunction with both the Vice President, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability as well as the Director, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, the role’s portfolio will include continued tracking and measurement of progress across ESG goals, engagement on Visa’s behalf with the ESG ratings firm community and production of Visa’s formal and informal reporting initiatives (e.g., sustainability report, website, intranet, ad hoc inquiries, etc.). The role will work collaboratively across the members of the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Leadership Council and its associated working groups to track progress in individual areas, signal evolving topic areas and expectations of external interest and perform assessments and develop recommendations for further action to fill performance and/or transparency gaps.

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As a global payments technology company, tech is at the heart of what they do: The VisaNet network processes over 13,000 transactions per second for people and businesses around the world, enabling them to use digital currency instead of cash and checks. They are also global advocates for financial inclusion, working with partners around the world to help those who lack access to financial services join the global economy. Visa’s sponsorships, including the Olympics and FIFA™ World Cup, celebrate teamwork, diversity, and excellence throughout the world. If you have a passion to make a difference in the lives of people around the world, Visa offers an uncommon opportunity to build a strong, thriving career. Visit for more.

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Visa Inc.


Manager, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting & Transparency


Thursday 7th June 2018


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