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The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board in San Francisco, California is seeking a Manager, Membership and Engagement. At SASB you will manage the new and growing membership program – the SASB Alliance – with an eye towards strengthening their member engagement and leveraging organizational members to move the capital markets to a more sustainable future. You will also be involved in planning a few member events and the SASB annual conference. This is a new position and you’re excited about the chance to take charge and make it your own.

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About SASB

SASB is nationally known as an innovative leader in the field of sustainability accounting standards development. With an annual budget of $3M, SASB engages with over 3,000 stakeholders who have participated in their standards development process to date. Over the past six years they have identified the sustainability factors that impact companies’ financial performance in 79 industries. Their standards have been downloaded over 100,000 times, they’ve raised $30+ million, and their program-related revenue has grown 16x in the past two years. They have a talented staff and executive team, and our high-profile board is led by former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg and includes former chairs of the SEC and FASB. Visit for more information.

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Sustainability Accounting Standards Board


Manager, Membership and Engagement


Sunday 15th April 2018


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