Manager Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

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There is an exciting opportunity at JetBlue Airways for a Manager Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance (ESG). The role is based in Long Island City, New York. The Manager, Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) will focus on finding, researching, creating, executing, and maintaining a variety of programs that prove a financial return and a reduction in resource consumption. The Manager is responsible for developing and supporting Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance programs and other departments within JetBlue. The position incorporates three general categories of work. These categories are: one, maintaining, growing, and strengthening existing programs; two, creating new opportunities and programs; three, providing evolving general department supports as clients’ needs grow and change.

The Manager will have the ability to be self-driven and independent. Ability to self-motivate and drive one’s own creative work is an imperative.

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JetBlue Airways


Manager Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance (ESG)


Thursday 6th September 2018


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