Manager, Sustainability, Ethics, and Farm Conversion

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Exciting new opportunity at Miyoko’s Creamery for Manager, Sustainability, Ethics, and Farm Conversion.

Job Summary

  • Assess and implement sustainability measures within the company and at the plant to reduce waste, water, and resources.
    • Create and oversee program to change practices and behaviors internally, including training employees.
    • Assess energy and water use and make recommendations for reducing.
    • Develop program for eliminating waste (garbage and unsellable product)
  • Research and lead the initiative on sustainable packaging solutions for our products
    • Establish reasonable goals for the reduction or elimination of plastic for our products.
    • Explore new packaging solutions that are compostable or recyclable.
    • Work with QA and R & D to vet new packaging solutions.
  • Engage a third-party partner to conduct a life cycle analysis for all of our products.
  • Lead the farm conversion program:
    • Find the appropriate farmer partner; vet the farmer, including financial implications for both the company and the farmer.
    • Design the program in conjunction with R & D and future needs of the company.
    • Find the appropriate partners in agriculture, legal, etc.
    • Launch the program.
    • Own the budget
  • Establish the Ethics Program
    • Establish ethical parameters for vendors and suppliers
    • Assess ethical practices across all departments at Miyoko’s and ensure they are upheld
    • Work with JEDI task force.


  • 5+ years’ experience developing, maintaining, and/or managing sustainability-based initiatives, processes, or programs involving the collection, analysis, and reporting of program data is required. Experience working with sustainability or environmental programs in higher education is preferred.
  • BA/BS degree in, Agricultural Science, Environmental Studies or related field required.
  • Project management experience
  • ISSP Certification preferred.
  • A minimum of three years’ experience of working internally within a consumer products organization preferred.
  • Experience in managing internal resources, external contractors, and to achieve production needs
  • Substantial knowledge, experience and understanding of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability are required.
  • Excellent communicator – speaks and writes clearly and to the point
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced (sometimes chaotic) environment

Ethical Vegans strongly encouraged to apply.

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Miyoko's Creamery


Manager, Sustainability, Ethics, and Farm Conversion


Monday 28th September 2020


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