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CDP North America is seeking a President. The role is based in New York, NY. The President reports to the Board of CDP North America and CDP’s Global Leadership. The President will be responsible for leading a staff of 50 in New York City and deliver on a $10 million budget for 2018/2019.

CDP North America has an urgent mission to convene and collaborate with a diverse array of private sector, government, and subnational actors to initiate important changes where others have not. It has a unique model based on the comprehensive gathering of information and its strategic application, as well as its significant multiplier effect given its extensive user community. Given that North America is home to the largest concentration of companies and capital, and in turn has the largest impact on the environment, the President of CDP North America has an opportunity to accelerate and help reshape the direction of sustainability issues throughout the world. To achieve this, the next President will expand and deepen partnerships with investors, private companies, NGOs, and governments; increase CDP North America’s revenue through fundraising and fees; raise visibility through an effective program for strategic communications; and work effectively and collaboratively with the larger CDP global organization.

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CDP provides the only global system that tracks how companies and cities measure, disclose, manage, and act upon vital environmental information. CDP’s annual request for information from public companies is sent on behalf of its investor signatory base, which includes approximately 700 key financial service sector enterprises. By securing quantitative and qualitative information on environmental performance, CDP analysts and researchers can then transform that data into detailed analyses on critical environmental risks, opportunities, and impacts for investors, policymakers, and other constituents worldwide. CDP maintains and makes public the largest collection of global climate change, water, and forest risk data to better inform sustainable strategic business, investment, and policy decisions. Visit for more.

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