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The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) is recruiting for the role of RMI Project Manager.

About the job

The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) is the world’s largest industry coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains. We enable and encourage our members to progress towards the RBA vision through a common code of conduct, collaborative efforts, and shared tools and practices. The Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) is one of the most utilized and respected resources for companies addressing the responsible sourcing of minerals in their supply chains.  This position is a unique opportunity to support responsibly sourced and traded minerals, engage with global stakeholders, and work in a dynamic and fast-paced team.

Key Projects and Responsibilities

Standards and tool development

  • Support the development and maintenance of standards, tools, and guidance covering full environmental, social, and governance risk areas, applicable to all minerals
  • Create benchmarks to facilitate alignment of standards with existing industry best practice and regulatory requirements
  • Facilitate stakeholder and public consultations on standards, lead the RMI multi-stakeholder Standards Advisory Group
  • Support external alignment and recognition applications for RMI programs

Upstream Assurance

  • Lead upstream due diligence review and support engagement with RMI recognized upstream assurance mechanisms, including mine monitoring reports, incidents, alerts and risk trends
  • Foster the development/scaling-up of traceability, assurance, and due diligence solutions that support responsible mineral sourcing at mine level
  • Collaborate with mine-level industry initiatives and assurance systems to facilitate entry of responsibly-produced materials into the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP) pipeline
  • Support the RMI recognition process for upstream assurance mechanisms and industry programs, including CAP review and closure
  • Support RMI’s impact assessment and monitoring & evaluation work stream
  • Manage new projects and evaluate potential for collaborations, partnerships, and scope expansion
  • Facilitate regular RMI workgroups focused on materials, risks, and/or specific projects
  • Liaise with RMI stakeholders and foster stakeholder relationships
  • Provide support for grants and other projects resourced through the RBA Foundation
  • Develop regular RMI newsletters and other written communications/collateral
  • Solicit, select, and manage consultants in the fields of corporate social responsibility, due diligence/traceability, and management systems


  • Promote continuous improvement for both the RMI and the projects it supports
  • Participate on advisory committees and engage with key stakeholders, as needed
  • Support RMI training programs
  • Represent RMI and RBA at conferences, events and meetings as a subject matter expert

Required skills and experience

  • Experience working with internationally recognized standards, national regulations, and industry best practices
    • Track record developing and implementing new standards, benchmarks, assessment tools
  • Direct experience with managing complex, multi-year projects, including but not limited to:
    • Government and other grants
    • Pilot projects (scoping, incubation, scaling, sustaining)
    • Multi-stakeholder projects
    • Grant management, on-the-ground projects, upstream due diligence, deliverables/reporting, monitoring and evaluation
  • Experience working with social and environmental assurance frameworks, industry compliance programs, and/or development projects
  • Familiarity with the technical aspects of industrial supply chains (materials procurement, supply chain mapping, risk management, due diligence)
  • Familiarity with the concepts and issues associated with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance on Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals, Sustainable Development Goals, and UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights
  • Experience developing, managing, and supporting process flows
  • Demonstrated problem identification and problem-solving experience
  • Experience soliciting, contracting, and overseeing external consultants
  • Experience leading decision-making processes and driving consensus in multi-stakeholder groups
  • Excellent presentation and external communication skills
  • Master’s degree in a relevant field and three (3) years of relevant experience or a minimum of five (5) years of relevant professional experience.

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Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)


RMI Project Manager


Wednesday 21st July 2021


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