Senior Consultant, Corporate Sustainability

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There is an exciting opportunity at South Pole for a Senior Consultant, Corporate Sustainability. The position will be based in Stockholm, Sweden. As part of the Consultancy team, you will focus on the successful and efficient implementation of our projects for Swedish and international clients in the sustainability and greenhouse gas management fields. You will also be responsible of structuring the GHG accounting offering mainly in Sweden and in Australia. If you are a sustainability professional ready to work on multiple projects, interact with all levels of staff and participate in client meetings and communications they are looking for you.

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About South Pole

Every day, in over 30 different countries, South Pole’s team of global experts demonstrates the realities of sustainable solutions for clients – from the United Nations to the world’s leading financial institutions to top notch consumer goods brands and more. They are ‘for-profit’ and passionately ‘for-the-planet’ at the same time. Their mission is to show you how your enterprise or organisation can be too. In the wake of the Paris COP21 climate conference, they are determined to turn climate change into an enormous opportunity for companies and organisations alike, and get them #readyfor2020! Visit for more.

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South Pole


Senior Consultant, Corporate Sustainability


Saturday 13th January 2018


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