Senior Manager, Environmental Impact

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Apeel Sciences is recruiting for a Senior Manager, Environmental Impact.

About this role

Apeel Sciences is looking for a Senior Manager, Environmental Impact to join the growing Sustainability team. You will support decision-making and global collaboration that accounts for the environmental impacts of Apeel’s product development and business practices. You will work cross-functionally by providing guidance for and measurement of positive environmental impact projects that align with business goals, and to develop/maintain environmental responsibility policies/programs related to Apeel’s direct and indirect influence. You will develop strategy, create analysis and communicate results/recommendations both internally and externally. You will handle range of complex projects, and mentor junior members of the Sustainability Team.

What You’ll Do

  • Select and provide administrative oversight of LCA software program(s), data packages, and any additional resources to ensure Apeel’s environmental accounting methods are based on best available data
  • Build complex modeling analyses and those that require collaboration with outside researchers and/or partners
  • Provide Sustainability Team Analyst(s) with guidance, and review methodological decisions to ensure data selection and assumptions are in line with relevant standards and industry best practices (e.g., ISO 14040/4)
  • Manage relationships with third-party verifier(s) and any other environmental consultants relied upon by Apeel
  • Build knowledge and understanding across other divisions to identify areas to support decision-making and to incorporate relevant stakeholders into environmental impact project planning and execution.
  • Collaborate with software and data science to streamline internal data collection and analysis processes
  • Develop the short-term and long-term strategic roadmap and coordinate KPIs for environmental impact to demonstrate Apeel’s continuous commitment to environmental responsibility
  • Build the business case to influence strategic and investment decisions, including the impacts expected and the resources required for implementation
  • Work collaboratively with the Sustainability Team, Strategic Planning & Analysis, and Corporate Development Teams to drive the business forward.

What You Bring

  • Five years of experience in the Corporate Social Responsibility field or an equivalent combination of experience
  • Graduate degree or equivalent experience in life cycle assessment
  • Experience with a major LCA software platforms (Gabi, Simapro, OpenLCA) and major LCA data packages
  • Experience conducting LCAs in compliance with ISO 14040 and 14044, through third-party verification and/or peer-reviewed publications
  • Ability to work in a team and in a fast paced environment
  • Experience managing diverse projects in a private sector organization
  • Ability to coach team members at all levels to make data-driven decisions
  • Proven ability to serve in a subject matter expert role that may require making difficult decisions to drive progress with incomplete/imperfect information
  • Validated ability to initiative and lead collaborative efforts of multiple teams within an organization
  • Excitement for mentoring and growing junior analysts, both in career development and technical capabilities

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Apeel Sciences


Senior Manager, Environmental Impact


Monday 27th July 2020


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