Senior Program Advisor, Sustainable Agriculture

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Oxfam America is seeking a Senior Program Advisor, Sustainable Agriculture. The role is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Inclusive and Resilient Food Systems is one of the three core thematic areas that Oxfam America prioritizes to invest in during 2017 – 2019 period. The program is focused on increasing the power of people who live in poverty and vulnerable conditions and derive much or all of their livelihoods from agriculture. The program seeks to ensure that these participants in local, regional or global food systems can hold their governments and private companies accountable to policies and practices that affect their lives, and influence the quantity and quality of resources flow into agricultural sector. The Agriculture & Market advisor will work with other members of the sub-theme team to contribute to the implementation of the (EFO) strategy. The Advisor is expected to work with country teams to identify and develop agriculture programs and projects that will contribute to the overall goals of the Food System theme.

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Oxfam is a confederation of 20 independent charitable organizations focusing on the alleviation of global poverty, founded in 1942 and led by Oxfam International.

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Oxfam America


Senior Program Advisor, Sustainable Agriculture


Wednesday 4th April 2018


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