Senior Sustainability Analyst

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This job contributes to REI’s success by guiding the implementation of key components of REI’s Product and Supply Chain sustainability program. Sustainability is a priority for REI, and the products we sell are an embodiment of the co-op’s ethos. REI’s Product and Supply Chain sustainability program spans environmental management, fair labor, animal welfare, and elements of regulatory compliance. This role will support REI in continually creating, implementing, and monitoring expectations for international and domestic factories manufacturing materials and products sold by REI. In addition, this role will provide support to REI’s product teams – including REI’s Co-op Brands and Merchandising – in creating and assorting more sustainable products. This will involve highly collaborative engagement with a broad group of internal and external stakeholders.

  • Develops and manages the supply chain traceability program for REI’s private brands, including formalizing processes for managing social and environmental metrics and certifications.
  • Generates product, brand, and supply chain sustainability reporting and metrics on an ongoing basis.
  • Emphasis will be placed on carbon accounting, including measuring REI’s current state and tracking progress toward future goals and targets.
  • Serves as the primary liaison at REI’s headquarters to REI’s Global Head of Supplier Sustainability and Supply Chain Sustainability team.
  • Engages with manufacturing partners in the Americas for the execution of REI’s Fair Labor program, including supporting with general onboarding, and implementation and analysis of the Higg Facility Environment Module (FEM) and Social Labor Convergence Project (SLCP) framework.
  • Serves as REI’s “superuser” for the Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC) platform.
  • Supports the Sustainable Materials & Innovations Program Manager in engaging the Co-op Brands product teams in integrating sustainability into the product creation process.
  • Supports REI’s implementation of the Fair Trade USA program across various Co-op Brands product lines.
  • Provides periodic training to counterparts across the co-op, including Co-op Brands and Merchandising.
  • Contributes to the strategic direction of the Product and Supply Chain Sustainability team, including supporting the development and implementation of REI’s climate strategy.
  • Provides support in developing and implementing packaging sustainability initiatives for Co-op Brands products.
  • Supports the Product Sustainability team in implementing key sustainability initiatives, including work with Co-op Brands, Merchandising, Marketing, BSI, and other teams.
  • Provides organizational support to the Sustainability team, including maintenance of team SharePoint site, management of generic communications channels, and other team systems and processes.

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Senior Sustainability Analyst


Tuesday 3rd December 2019


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