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Nestle Waters is recruiting for a Senior Sustainability Specialist.

Reporting to the Senior Sustainability Manager for Packaging, the Senior Sustainability Specialist will focus on the collection and material management of all resources and waste generated by Nestlé Waters across the company’s network with a cross functional responsibility. The Senior Sustainability Specialist will oversee the implementation and strategy of internal company programs with focus on compliance, revenue generation and cost mitigation.

The Senior Sustainability Specialist will help shepherd NWNA’s transition to the circular economy by helping lead and stimulate program innovation that reduces the environmental impact of NWNA’s resources and waste, This role is also focused on optimizes recoverable and recyclable commodities NWNA uses or produces.

The Senior Sustainability Specialist will work closely with the Technical & Production, Supply Chain, SHE, Procurement, Supply Chain Finance, ReadyRefresh, Marketing, Legal, Governmental Relations, and Regulatory, in order to achieve objectives.

All actions and duties performed by the Senior Sustainability Specialist must support NWNA’s overarching sustainability, business and communication strategies through teaching diligent execution, monitoring and leadership.


  • Lead the recycling and waste programs in all NWNA manufacturing facilities to support NWNA’s landfill free commitment and optimize the ability of NWNA to monetize these resources and to drive materials management compliance that mitigates risk to Nestle Waters. This includes:
    • Supporting National SHE Director with program leadership and oversite
    • Ensuring programs are NCE and DMAIC aligned
    • Developing and launching new program concept and execution plan with any new plant that comes on line
    • Supporting technical leadership with equipment and program concepts that drive incremental revenue and cost mitigation in recycling and waste material management
    • Working on Cap Ex projects with engineering and supply chain finance teams that may help drive additional value of scrap materials
    • Advising Regional SHE Leadership that programs and process administered must be complaint with National SHE standards and support and protect NWNA’s environmental credibility
    • Advising Regional QA Leadership that programs and process administered must be complaint with National QA standards
    • Ensure that Regional Controllers are optimizing the value of all recycled commodities
    • Supporting oversight of commodity vendors, which may include sourcing contracting, and collection
    • Project support for the broader sustainability team with a specific focus in defining and determining material volumes collected, diverted and leveraged to support Nestle Waters naturality ambitions
  • Lead certified destruction programs in all NWNA manufacturing and co manufacturing facilities aligned with corporate QA and Procurement guidelines. This work is targeting a revenue value for non-conforming packaging goods and cost mitigation on finished goods leveraging the NWNA procurement tool ARIBA.
    This includes:

    • Supporting facilities with the sourcing of qualified destruction vendors
    • Ensuring all vendors are trained and able to execute Nestle Waters standards for this work
    • Execute bids for any campaign that will cost or generate more than a targeted threshold of $35K
    • Support NWNA audit review and compliance
    • Execute recertification’s and gap correction with destruction vendor supply pool
    • Take all measures to protect brands by ensuring these programs are structured with low risk to brands and improper handling or products and packaging (i.e.: Product Counterfeit, Wrongful, Deposit Redemption Etc.).
    • Support National Warehouse team with the execution and oversite for best in class execution
  • Optimize and manage the collection and revenue stream of the post-consumer bottle material collected in bottle bill states. This includes:
    • All bidding and placement of feedstocks in Northeast Bottle Bill States
    • Coordinating with Corporate Finance and Accounts Payable for invoicing and collection of these various materials and revenues
    • Optimizing the use of the post-consumer material collected to moderate rPET pricing volatility and reduce rPET costs to NWNA
    • Ensuring NWNA can leverage all post consumer bottle material collected through communication and PCR certification
  • Represent NWNA with external stakeholders recycling and waste organizations such as the Association of Packaging Recyclers, NERC and the National Association for PET Container Resources to ensure NWNA is recognized as a leader in responsible packaging and that NWNA forges and maintains relationships of mutual benefit for NWNA and external stakeholders. This includes:
    • Being engaged with key recycling and waste associations and gatherings to learn, exchange and influence; and secure recognition of NWNA’s achievements.
    • Drive results and agenda that are important to Nestlé and increase our position in the environment
    • Make sure Nestlé’s interests are considered and accounted for with the outside organizations and trade associations
    • Drive results by leveraging the recycling community and network, this could include the larger waste haulers that we support with our supply agreements in leveraging their assets and infrastructure as part of the total value for Nestlé
  • Collaborate with the various functions of the business so that the outcomes of the recycling and waste strategy, programs and projects support and build the profile, credibility and marketability of NWNA and NWNA’s products and brands among customers, consumers and key stakeholders. This includes:
    • Coordinating with the NWNA team (Brand, Sales, Marketing, Corporate Affairs, Government Affairs, Legal, Regulatory and other areas of the NWNA business)
    • Developing and bringing a compelling narrative and data to the team that can be leveraged to achieve objectives that can be shared externally improving NWNA’s position

Key qualifications include

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or college
  • Minimum 3 years project management experience preferred
  • Minimum 3 years in packaging preferred
  • Minimum 3 years in environmental compliance, business development and/or material and commodity management

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Nestle Waters


Senior Sustainability Specialist


Thursday 8th October 2020


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