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The Nature Conservancy is looking for a Sustainability Coordinator.

The Sustainability Coordinator will work for a small new sustainability team charged with calculating and reducing TNC’s carbon footprint. They will provide technical, scientific, and project management support for TNC’s sustainability program, including carbon footprint assessments, setting emission-reduction goals, and coordinating sustainability actions throughout TNC.

Essential Functions

The Sustainability Coordinator will work towards meeting the strategic priorities of TNC’s sustainability program by developing and implementing tactics for approved plans, and completing and organizing multiple tasks and activities. They will conduct scientific surveys and research, record, summarize, and analyze data, write reports and develop proposals to administer and coordinate conservation programs. They will manage projects and complete activities with multiple variables, setting realistic deadlines and managing the timeline. They will provide guidance in satisfying requirements based on extensive knowledge of policies and procedures. They will adapt processes and implement recommended practices in order to improve effectiveness.

The Coordinator will take on additional duties to enhance the work of the team, including, but not limited to, developing documentation, providing recommendations and targeted training related to the functional area of the team, and/or enhancing the systems and tools used by the team. They will create program materials and perform analysis and research related to program activities. They will coordinate with stakeholders for program success and may serve as the lead liaison with partners or vendors. The Coordinator will communicate with staff in various programs across the Conservancy, as well as with donors, volunteers, vendors, and business relations. They will keep up-to-date on trends and best practices in sustainability and carbon emission accounting and reporting practices. They will report to the Director of Sustainability.

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The Nature Conservancy


Sustainability Coordinator


Monday 6th January 2020


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