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Lyft is seeking a Sustainability Manager. The role is based in San Francisco, California. This role will implement Lyft’s sustainability initiatives, integrating sustainable practices throughout the company. Reporting to the Director of Sustainability, you will help to set the strategy and ensure that the company’s sustainability efforts enhance business performance and decision-making while supporting Lyft’s long-term goals. You bring a systems-thinking mindset and interdisciplinary experience while embodying our fun, friendly culture. Working cross-functionally with internal and external stakeholders, you will be critical to creating a comprehensive sustainability program that will help Lyft become the defining brand of our generation.

This role will collaborate cross-functionally to implement sustainability programs across the company that reduce Lyft’s resource consumption and waste generation while enhancing business performance. Additionally, they will build relationships with internal and external partners; identify, vet, and negotiate deals with vendors and partners to provide services and partnerships in furtherance of Lyft’s sustainability goals.

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Sustainability Manager


Sunday 26th August 2018


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