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Unilever is looking for a Sustainability Manager – Sundial.

The Sustainability Manager will play a critical role in defining and implementing Sundial’s sustainable business model, and to ensure its business practices meet the highest levels of social impact through various third party certification programs.

General Responsibilities

  • Certification Compliance: Sundial Brands is presently a certified Fair for Life Fair Trade company and B Corp and is working toward obtaining a Community Commerce certification. All three certifications demonstrate a high level of company performance and social impact. The Manager will ensure continued compliance with these certifications and continued improvement over time.
  • Maintain regular communications with certification bodies to ensure smooth audits and surveys and a continuous flow of information for continuous improvement
  • Coordinate the scheduling of annual and bi-annual audits by third party certification parties and make sure all relevant departments and leadership are informed and participate in the audits as required
  • Ensure all relevant departments are adequately informed of audit and survey requirements and results
  • Implement a tracking system for audit and survey recommendations for improvement, and work with other departments to socialize the tracking system for uniform implementation of the system
  • Convene regular meetings with other departments to ensure tracking system is being followed according to plan
  • Maintain regular communications with key Unilever offices responsible for sustainability to ensure compliance with Unilever reporting requirements against the Sustainable Living plan
  • Program Design and Management: Sundial has a promotional cause marketing program to raise funds to design and implement programs that have social impact to bring brand equity to Sundial and its brands. These programs impact women globally and demonstrate Sundial’s commitment to give back and pay forward. Primarily the programs are in the areas of women’s economic empowerment, entrepreneurship and education.
  • In coordination with brand leadership and NGOs implementing the programs, identify potential new programs to design, and elaborate the programs through a program design protocol
  • Establish a multi-departmental review and approval process that includes Sundial, Unilever, and the NGO partner responsible for execution of the new programs
  • Make semi-annual requests for distribution of accrued sales to the NGO partner to ensure adequate cash flow for funding of programs
  • In coordination with NGO partner, draft semi-annual impact reports for internal and external sharing
  • Maintain close contact with Unilever sustainability department to ensure compliance with Unilever reporting standards, etc.
  • Conduct periodic field trips to program beneficiary sites to ensure successful implementation of programs and capture content
  • Corporate Sustainability – Sundial Brands drive social impact both in the U.S. and in Africa. The Manager will drive the execution of multiple sustainability plans and projects internationally by identifying partner and operational needs.
  • Implement global sustainability practices, policies, and communications plans
  • Evaluate the sustainability innovations and new ideas that are actively identified or brought to us through internal teams and external partnerships
  • Build stakeholder engagement at all levels, particularly with global teams
  • Drive continuous improvement across a wide array of Sundial’s sustainability (environmental/social) priority areas
  • Monitor and evaluate trends, competitive activities and constantly evolving market requirements with regards to Sustainability
  • Collaborate with Unilever to integrate Sundial programs and impact into its larger company-wide sustainability plan

Qualifications And Experience

At least 5-7 years of relevant professional experience in a private sector setting in sustainability, corporate social responsibility and/or program management in those or related fields. Experience in fair trade, organic or other compliance/certification programs seen as especially desirable.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are imperative
  • Critical thinking
  • Strong program management skills, particularly with planning methods and coordinating programs, as well as budget preparation and monitoring
  • Proven experience to execute on a private sector organization’s sustainability strategy
  • Proven ability to independently manage complex projects with cross-functional teams in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent grasp of sustainability concepts as well as emerging trends and concepts
  • Familiarity with academic, government and NGOs active in the sustainability space
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, can synthesize information and offer recommendations/solutions
  • Strong interpersonal skills for interaction with key leadership functions
  • Takes initiative and demonstrates ownership, works independently
  • Microsoft office skills are critical

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Sustainability Manager – Sundial


Friday 6th March 2020


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