Sustainability Program Team Lead, Real Estate and Workplace Services

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There is an exciting opportunity at Google for a Sustainability Program Team Lead, Real Estate and Workplace Services. The role is based in Sunnyvale, California. The Real Estate and Workplace Services (REWS) Sustainability Team is responsible for developing sustainability strategy and supporting frameworks for our global Real Estate and Development teams. This team engages with other teams across the company to facilitate and deliver on our Google Sustainability commitments. As the REWS Sustainability Program Team Lead, you will be responsible for leading the strategic vision across all REWS’ sustainability initiatives and programs: from establishing baseline expectations across a global real estate portfolio to strategic thought leadership to deliver on targeted aspirational goals. Your team will engage proactively and collaboratively with real estate project teams across all types of projects including development, build to suit, master planning to tenant improvement and renovation projects, as well as with all teams responsible for our operations (e.g., Facility Management, Food, Transportation, Fitness, etc.) and support them with the tools and resources necessary to achieve Google’s goals. In addition, you will serve as an internal and external ambassador of Google’s sustainability values.

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Sustainability Program Team Lead, Real Estate and Workplace Services


Sunday 9th December 2018


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