Vice President, Partnerships

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Higg Co is looking for a Vice President, Partnerships (location flexible).

The Opportunity

In this role, you’ll drive the development and delivery of a comprehensive partnership program for both key customers and key stakeholders of  Higg Co. You will be responsible for identifying solutions based on account needs and partnership opportunities. Reporting to the CEO and working closely with the Executive Team, you’ll keep the broader team informed of all partnership opportunities, plans, metrics and provide insight on how to improve our efforts.

This is a fully remote full-time position; working location is flexible, details below.

What You’ll Do


  • In partnership with VP of Client Services, identify new opportunities based on future product plans with key accounts
  • Develop new partnerships with key stakeholder organizations aligned with Higg Co’s mission and vision
  • Nurture existing partnerships and identify new partnerships that could lead to significant impact and revenue growth for Higg Co


  • Maintain good working relationships with existing clients to identify deep opportunities for partnerships that support Higg Co’s mission and revenue goals
  • Develop new business opportunities with existing clients by promoting existing company products and services
  • Secure major new business and partnerships
  • Work with CEO to bring potential partnership revenue opportunities to fruition
  • Become thoroughly familiar with key components and qualifications for meaningful partnership opportunities; take an active role in scaling and refining components based on business needs 


  • Develop and communicate goals and targets for business development and be involved in driving and mentoring staff to achieve delegated goals
  • Oversee the information of business partnerships and negotiation of contracts
  • Develop consistent evaluation process for inbound opportunities; lead evaluation and decision to pursue or not pursue all inbound opportunities

A Successful Candidate is:

  • An experienced business development leader with proven success in building partnerships and leading a team in a growing organization
  • Committed to sustainability as evidenced by your professional or life experience
  • Enthusiastic about fast-paced environments and is comfortable navigating ambiguity in his or her role, can be scrappy when the need arises and is a committed team player
  • Someone of mental grit and innate empathy: When the going gets tough, you bring a sense of levity and perspective to the table. You’re an empathetic human who values the same in others.

You Are Required to Have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree, as a minimum requirement
  • Prior experience in a team within a remote work environment required and at least 1 years’ experience managing reports directly
  • Experience driving partnership programs at a start-up organization and have a proven track record of driving revenue, ideally 5+ years
  • Deep understanding of sustainability concepts

Additionally, Not Required but Ideal to Have:

  • Experience in a technology/SaaS organization working in a B2B environment within a fast-paced growing environment is a plus
  • Demonstrated commitment to social and/or environmental improvement
  • Familiarity with selling into sustainability departments

Location Requirements

Location is flexible, though ideally will allow for high degrees of collaboration with the Executive Team and major customers.

  • If in North America, preferred working location is in close proximity to a hub international airport, or
  • If in Europe / Asia, preferred working location is within a city with or in close proximity to an international airport with non-stop flights to major North American and European destinations, i.e. SFO, JFK, LHR

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Higg Co


Vice President, Partnerships


Friday 24th January 2020


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