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There is an opportunity at The National Geographic Society for a VP, Life at the Extremes. The role is based in Washington, D.C. NGS believes that advancing understanding through education and empowerment provides the greatest hope for addressing the enormous challenges of the 21st century. In the upcoming years, NGS will focus the full complement of the organization’s assets and strengths on six impact-driving priorities. The Impact Initiatives focus on understanding who we are; the impact we are having on the planet; the importance of valuing and protecting species and ecosystems; the accelerating threat of climate change; and the need to lower human consumption. One of these six initiative is Life at the Extremes, an effort to explore and understand Earth’s poorly known life support systems (e.g., mountains providing water, deep oceans cooling the Earth, tropical forests storing carbon, etc.); document how they are changing; and define the implications for people and wildlife. High-profile expeditions to each environment will highlight these systems and generate new knowledge. Digital representations of the expedition sites will also be created enabling people to explore virtually. In addition, visually compelling indices will be produced to help monitor the vital signs of these systems in perpetuity. Finally, Fellows will be supported to develop solutions to address the threats facing each system.

Reporting to the Executive Vice President & Chief Scientist, the Vice President has strategic and operational oversight for projects that fall under the Life at the Extremes initiative, including directing the development of annual plans, impact evaluation, budget oversight and partner management. The Vice President is expected to play a leadership role across the organization to maximize outcomes, and s/he will work with all departments of the organization to build collaborative workplans that leverage the organization’s full complement of strengths.

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VP, Life at the Extremes


Friday 2nd November 2018


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