Podcast: The Discomfort Practice – Finding and Making Your Impact in This World

by Shannon Houde

The Discomfort Practice explores the value of discomfort in shaping who we are, how we are in the world and how it can be a catalyst for positive social evolution.

Podcast host, Betsy Reed, speaks to leaders, activists, athletes, creatives and others who, like her, are ‘professional discomforters’ about comfort zones, having a conscious ‘discomfort practice,’ and the superpowers that lie on the other side of stepping into the unknown.

Shannon joins Betsy in this episode to share her wisdom with those who might be thinking, “I really do want to have more impact on my career, but I’m not sure how.” That’s what Shannon lives to do.


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So, click the play button below now, and discover more nuggets of wisdom to help you up-level your impact on this world.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Shannon’s uncomfortable experiences that shaped her to want to serve others and make a difference (04:20)
  • What is an impact coach (07:21)
  • The Oprah of Impact (09:01)
  • The type of impact people need to have and what’s getting in the (11:53)
  • The imposter syndrome (16:32)
  • How does bringing emotional intelligence into the coaching look like (19:33)
  • What is a Game Changer index (22:03)
  • The kind of impact we need to see these days (25:08)
  • Finding your impact (31:58)
  • Careers and roles that help people make more impact (32:31)
  • Having a greater impact on what you do (37:55)
  • Writing a book to help more people bring impact (41:42)
  • Having a vision board and the result it brings (44:48)
  • What’s exciting about the future (54:52)
  • “Change is never painful, only the resistance to change is painful.” (56:55)
  • You got this! (57:39)

Resources Mentioned:


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