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Turning Passion Into Profit: How To Land Your Dream Job

You already know your thing… the one that lights fire in your belly and ignites true determination, but you just haven’t quite landed the role that fits yet. In this session, corporate responsibility consultant and certified coach, Shannon Houde, will walk you through a step-by-step guide to securing your dream job with a purpose. From building your personal brand and defining your place in the market, to conquering the job hunt and being offered your perfect position, Shannon shares her invaluable insights and

How to understand the current market and players in the sustainable jobs market

This Career Farm webinar will give you the insider knowledge and trends from hiring managers across the evolving impact sector so you understand the lay of the land in the sustainability market and who the key players are.  In particular the focus will be on: Key resources and top market trends Hiring trends and career change tips The case for the Purpose Economy and People Agenda Inside the Organisation and the Market Opportunity Map Career Tracks

Deep Dive into Sustainability Careers

Shannon is delighted to be featured in Net Impact Amsterdam’s ‘Impact from Home‘ series. Careers in sustainability are increasing in demand but how do you break in to this highly competitive market? What are companies looking for in employees and how do you set yourself apart? Shannon has over 15 years of experience helping graduates and professionals alike advance their impact careers. We will cover a wide range of topics from job trends to breaking through personal barriers that are

SB20 Istanbul: Speed Coaching

Resiliency and Empathy Are Not Optional: Skills For The Next Generation of Change Leaders   Join market-leading impact and career coach Shannon Houde for her 1:1 coaching corner throughout the conference. Shannon has over twenty years of experience working with changeleading clients on improving their skills for sustainable impact — and she will be coaching SB Istanbul attendees to focus on their own competencies! Note: You must be registered for the SB20 Istanbul conference to take advantage of this offer. You

SB20 Istanbul: Do you have what it takes to scale change?

WORKSHOP: Do You Have What It Takes to Scale Change? Emotional Intelligence for Sustainability Leadership   Shannon Houde, ICF-certified leadership and impact coach, is delighted to be at SB20 Istanbul and will open your eyes to how we, as change leaders, can leverage our emotional intelligence skills to shift mindsets about the value of sustainability. Did you know that emotional intelligence (EQ) is responsible for 58 percent of performance in all types of jobs, and 90 percent of top performers are high in

Kering Sustainability Conference

Walk of Life’s Shannon Houde will be hosting Kering’s, a leading sustainable fashion company, annual conference October 2018 in Paris, France.

Empathy: How this EQ skill gains buy-in and wins business

Rapport, empathy, and trust are key steps to gaining buy-in and increasing sales. This empathy workshop hosted by Shannon Houde for the Barton Partnership team will address: What is emapthy? How does empathy help? How to do empathy in 5 steps Attendees will walk away with real world exercises, practices in listening with no judgement and attentiveness to subtle ques, and leadership tools to convert emotions into action. Contact us to book an empathy workshop or webinar for your team!

The Elevator Pitch: Landing Contracts, Clients, Jobs or Funding

About the Workshop When you first meet someone to network, pitch a project, or secure funding, your ability to explain what you do in that first minute is crucial. This session will teach you how to design your own personal marketing and pitch statements and to develop your perfect 30-second elevator pitch. About the Series This workshop is the first in the Extending Your Reach – Personal Branding for Impact event series, hosted and presented by Shannon Houde, founder of Walk of Life

Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media

In today’s day and age, controlling your image and brand across all social media platforms is key to any career success story. You will come away from this workshop, hosted by Shannon Houde, with an understanding of what a personal brand actually is, three authentic personal marketing messages, and a better articulation of who you are and why your work matters. WeWork Devonshire Square can be a bit hard to find! Exit the Liverpool Station onto Bishopsgate Road. Cross the

LinkedIn: Growing Your Influence and Impact

About the Workshop LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools on the internet to build relationships, build networks, raise funding, and increase brand awareness – whether that is your personal brand or your company’s brand. In this session, we will guarantee that you will not be left behind with a powerful online CV and social media brand. About the Series This workshop is the second in the Extending Your Reach – Personal Branding for Impact event series, hosted and