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international society of sustainability professionals – sustainability career series Impact career coach Shannon Houde, MBA, PCC, has a question for you: What is your day-to-day impact?  For many of us, our pursuit of a career in sustainability is anchored in the desire to do “good work” in a meaningful job that makes a difference in the world. But as Shannon’s book, Good Work, shows, we can lose sight of our initial dream in the daily grind in ways that lower

Off The Page: Lead a purpose-driven business and build a career that makes a difference

Build a responsible business and purposeful career whilst delivering profits with experts Shannon Houde and Theodora Lau. The reality of global climate change and the inequality faced by millions of people every day is undeniable, but are we doing enough? Join the purpose economy to drive sustainable societal change and build profits. Whether you want to battle climate change, promote diversity and inclusion, address inequality – or just want to leave things a little better – join Shannon Houde and Theodora Lau on Monday 29th March

Discover the Meaning of Good Work with Shannon Houde & Joel Makower

Joel Makower interviews Good Work author, Shannon Houde, about the evolving Impact Economy and how to shape a career that makes a difference Have you ever wondered how you can find a career where you’re making a difference in the world, or, if your dream job even exists? Do you want to know where you fit into the impact sector or how your skills are transferable? Do you wish you understood how to stand out among the other 200 applicants

GreenBiz 21 – Let’s Talk About Sustainability Burnout

From responding to the deluge of “rating and ranking” surveys, to setting increasingly aggressive and wide-ranging goals and targets, the expectations placed on sustainability leaders have always been high––especially when compared to departmental budgets. Then COVID-19 happened. And a racial justice reckoning. And climate-induced wildfires. And a wildly polarizing election. Over the past year, many sustainability leaders––particularly those with terms like “Health and Safety” or “Diversity and Inclusion” incorporated into their titles––have taken on an entire new job’s worth of

GreenBiz 21 – Coaching Corner

Your Coaching Corner: Realize the Impact You Really Want to Have During a 15-minute personalized one on one coaching session with ICF-certified leadership coach and GreenBiz columnist, Shannon Houde, you will have time out to get perspective on what you personally want to be achieving in your work and life. You could: Discover what is blocking you from achieving the impact you really want, Get strategic about the next steps of your impact career, Learn what your emotional intelligence competencies are

Navigating A Career Transition

Shannon is delighted to be joining EcoWomen Washington DC and Give Pulse for their Virtual Fall Workshop. She’ll be taking part in the break out session and delivering her expertise on mid-career transitions. Navigating a career transition – whether you’re just joining the workforce as a recent grad, switching sectors, returning to the workforce after a break in employment, or just looking for a change can be a challenge in any circumstance, and especially in an uncertain economic environment. This

Impact Careers: The Landscape Right Now

Connect with Shannon Houde, a social impact career coach, for insight on what the impact career space looks like right now. How has COVID-19 shifted the social impact field and the ways companies are hiring? What skills do you need to stand out from the crowd when applying for roles? Join Shannon for an interactive session that will get you up to speed on current hiring trends and allows for ample Q&A time to ask all of your impact career-related

Tell Me About Yourself: Developing an Easy Answer to a Difficult Question

Are you working on an intro for your next project or venture? Getting the rust off of your networking skills? Or maybe you’re perfecting your “tell me about yourself” interview answer? During this session, you’ll have the stage for two minutes to practice your intro (or pitch) and receive encouraging and constructive feedback from leaders in business, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. In the process, you’ll also introduce yourself to the audience so that you can start connecting with like-minded people. You’ll

Virtual Career Workshop: Clarify your Purpose, Amplify your Impact

Imagine if you could get 24 of the world’s leading purpose coaches in one room… And get their best practical and personal guidance for getting (back) on purpose. You’d walk away with effective strategies, tools and techniques… You’d learn how to make small, consistent changes to move toward the life you really want… And you’d be able to move forward with clarity and confidence, even in times of uncertainty. That’s what you’ll get out of the On Purpose 2020 Virtual Summit. And